Pre-press & Proofing

  • Kodak Prinergy PDF InSite Online-based workflow.
  • 2 x Kodak Magnus Z-800 platesetter (B1) 60 plates per hour.
  • Full RBA link from Tharstern MIS to Prinergy Workflow.
  • Full JDF integration from Estimate to Plate.
  • Full CIP4 / JDF / JMF Links to Press Room.
  • All presses integrated to Heidelberg Press Room Manager Real-Time Colour Control and Data Feed.

Litho Press Room

  • All machines configured with x2 IR driers and anilox coating units – Allowing instant handling.
  • JDF / JMF connections to all equipment.
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106: 4+ coater 60 sheets make-read / 18k per hour, with Heidelberg Inpress, Intellistart and Full Autoplate (Spectrophotometric Inline Measuring System) Four colour + coater; B1 (750x1050mm).
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106: 5+ coater 60 sheets make-ready / 18k per hour, with Heidelberg Inpress, Intellistart and Full Autoplate (Spectrophotometric Inline Measuring System) Five colour + coater; B1 (750x1050mm).
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-2P, Max paper size: 720×1020 mm, 12,000 sheets per hour, 2 unit perfecting press, CP Tronic control system.

Digital Press Room

  • 1 x Canon VarioPrint iX-series.
  • 1 x Kodak Nexpress 3600.
  • 2 x Kodak Nexpress 3900 with Longsheet Baum Feeder. 
  • 1 x HP 7800 Indigo.

Litho Print Finishing

  • 1x Polar 137xt – Guillotine fully programmatic with P-Net Connection Guillotine with associated handling equipment and transomat with full JDF compatibility.
  • Polar 92N plus – Guillotine fully programmatic with integrated flow line.
  • MB-SYSTEM FSA 52/85-HKT – Hydrid Folding and Creasing Machine.
  • 2x STAHL TH82 B1 – Continuous feed Folding Machine 6/6/4 all buckle plus knife unit. Both Full Automatic Servo Driven with Full JDF compatibility.
  • STAHL T56 B2 – 6 plate single unit continuous feed folder. Fully Automatic Servo Driven with Full JDF compatibility.
  • Muller Acoro A7 PUR Binder – 12 station gatherer with ASIR 3 Signature Recognition, 22 clamp binder with cover feeder, extended drying conveyor to ensure effective glue drying, 3 knife merit trimmer, stacker unit & page pull tester.
  • 2x Heidelberg ST450 – Saddle Sticher 1×4 and 1×5 station plus cover feeder – gatherer, stitcher, trimmer, 1 with integrated OCR cameras and downstream stitch inhibitor 2 up capability on both machines.
  • Autobond Mini 105 TPHS – 1 sided and 2 sided thermal thin film OPP laminator, Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 feeder, Stacker delivery Max sheet size 105 x 74 cm portrait or landscape. Max mechanical speed 60m/min. 135gsm to 650gsm.
  • ESP engineering utility line – Applies self-adhesive labels and enclosing tabs, incorporating unique scanning system to ensure complete integrity of product for self mailers.
  • Shrink-wrapping.
  • Drilling.
  • Ram Bundling.

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